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Wool duet

July 6, 2012 When I retired a year ago, I looked ahead with great anticipation to hobbies, new and old, that I would cultivate. In college, I was a tournament-level chess player, but I had hardly touched the board since … Continue reading

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A time for the rains

If 2011 was the driest year in decades, at least 2012 is showing welcome signs of improvement. Night before last, the rains fell for hours. They were our constant calming companions throughout the night, though in truth we could have … Continue reading

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Now is the winter of our content

February 11, 2012 We’re two-thirds of the way through winter at Sun and Wind Farm but cold weather only found its way here for the first time this morning. The mild weather we’ve been enjoying has been a welcome respite … Continue reading

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The critter guy cometh

November 3, 2011 The skunks have always been around, just part of the passing circus here at Sun and Wind Farm. Last summer, we would catch the occasional glimpse of a lone skunk in the back pasture, as we walked … Continue reading

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When civilization comes calling

October 3, 2011 We moved to the farm three summers back in search of peace and quiet, a place to live life at a more contemplative pace. By and large, we’ve found exactly that. But you can’t hide forever! This morning, … Continue reading

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That’s what neighbors do!

September 25, 2011 It’s been obvious for a few weeks that Downy, the older of our two Southdown wethers, was working on a cough. Frankly, given the record-setting heat and drought that’s afflicted North Texas this year, we’re surprised the whole … Continue reading

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Sophie comes home to Texas

July 24, 2011 About six years ago, Sophie joined our extended family as a companion for Frances’ Mom. A slim, energetic young English setter, Sophie understood her duties well: To provide an instant injection of good-natured enthusiasm whenever called upon, and to gulp down … Continue reading

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