The secret meetings of lambs

Cow (standing) chats with Elsie, left, and Bossy about their names

April 27, 2012

We’re standing pat for now at 14 lambs for the season, with two ewes left to go. Each night we think, “This is the night for sure,” but in the morning, Tilly and Daisy are still standing in the middle of the shed, looking irritated.

In the meantime, the lambs have been getting along famously. There are nightly run races and daily King/Queen of the Mountain competitions, both of which are leaving their mothers exhausted. It’s good to be a lamb.


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2 Responses to The secret meetings of lambs

  1. cowgirliz says:

    What interesting markings. I’m so used to just white or the odd black sheep. Definitely can see why you call Cow, Cow.

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