Chickens suspicious about their new coop

December 6, 2011

New at the farm and just in time for the cold weather: a beautiful chicken coop we purchased from The coop arrived mostly built. All we had to do was attach the legs and wheels, which of course — given the severely challenged state of our handyman skills — took days.

But it’s up and out in the shed area. The intended residents, our five hearty Rhode Island Red hens, are a little suspicious about their big new home. As these photos attest, they are taking their good sweet time investigating first before jumping in.

STEP ONE: We set the trap for the unsuspecting chickens.

STEP TWO: The marks approach, feigning indifference and yet compelled to investigate.

STEP THREE: Unable to contain their curiosity any longer, the marks approach the trap coop.

Regrettably, that’s as close as they dared to get on first pass. Having survived their first scouting pass, the chickens retired to their camp to plan a final assault on the coop. Stay tuned.


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One Response to Chickens suspicious about their new coop

  1. Ann says:

    Very fancy; I’m sure once they get in, they will be happy as can be.

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