When civilization comes calling

Sheep graze peacefully, oblivious to the plume of smoke from nearby chemical plant fire.

October 3, 2011

We moved to the farm three summers back in search of peace and quiet, a place to live life at a more contemplative pace. By and large, we’ve found exactly that. But you can’t hide forever!

This morning, while we were out on a seven-mile bike ride, fire broke out at a chemical manufacturing plant several miles away. As we drove home, we could catch glimpses of the fast-growing fire and the threatening plume of thick black smoke that rose above it. By the time we arrived at the farm, the chemical plant was fully involved. It spread so quickly that it surrounded a nearby fire truck and burned it to a crisp, sending the four firefighters scurrying for safety.

We took some photos from the pasture, including the one below, which the local newspaper published on its website home page.

The fire is contained now and the early reports are that the thick black smoke may not have been as hazardous as first feared. It’s a good reminder though that you’re never so far away from civilization that it can’t come calling on you.

Ominous plume of smoke rises from fire


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One Response to When civilization comes calling

  1. Cathy Gill says:

    Glad you guys are OK!! xox Cathy

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