Operation Chicken Rescue

August 9, 2010

The heat continues — a heat index of 108 the last three days! Saturday evening I went out to the run-in shed to check on everyone. One of our chickens, Hermione, was lying inside of the chicken tractor, limp. (Earlier in the day she’d been fine.) Herman, the lead chicken, was trying to peck at her — not a good sign!  I scooped up Hermione and we took her into the house and put her in a dog kennel padded with straw. She was hot, dazed, and had a really slow pulse. That night she wouldn’t touch any water. But the next morning she was a little better, and sipped water – then gulped water, then pecked at a little food, and now she’s up and around, although still weak. I think I’ll let her enjoy life in the air conditioning a few more days.

Postscript (Jan. 17, 2011): Hermione made it! After a few days of air-conditioned comfort, she was her usual spry (though not overly intellectual) self. We returned her to the back pasture, where she has been laying eggs and pecking straw ever since.


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