Fresh troops for the chicken corps

4 little chicklets prepare for their mission

April 12, 2010

When last we checked on the chickens, there weren’t too many left. Actually just one. The other three had gone off to the Great Hutch in the Sky. We suspect they took a direct route, thanks to a lurking hawk that had established residence out back. This left only the indomitable Herman, the lead female who continued on solo through the winter.

She kept busy catching rides on the backs of sheep, pecking at imaginary bugs and stealing dog snacks whenever the two Great Pyrs — her bunk mates in the shed — turned their backs for a second.

We’re happy to report that reinforcements have arrived: four small but sturdy Rhode Island Red chicks, fresh out of their eggs and ready to serve on Team Herman, Chicken Commandos.

Sequestered in the greenhouse until they get a bit bigger and stronger, these four little Her girls -– named Hermione, Her Majesty, Hermes and Hermit Crab -– spend their days practicing short-order drills, improving their perching skills on the bottom rung of a sawhorse and attempting to fly by hopping an inch off the ground and flapping their wings. During this period of training, their constant companion is the red bulb in the desk lamp that glows reassuringly over them as they sleep. In a few more weeks we’ll move them out to the run-in shed for their debut … unless Herman eats them first. 


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