New ewes

Molly and Daisy snack out back

October 10, 2009

Nature abhors a vacuum and pastures abhor the absence of sheep. And so, just weeks after shipping the three rams and their entourage off to a more suitable local ranch, we thought we’d try again. Molly and Daisy, two eight-month-old Suffolk ewe twin lambs, arrived this week. They are very gentle and yet adventurous enough to go on a walk around the perimeter of the ranch on their second day here. Like all Suffolks, they are notable for their creamy white wool and black heads and legs. Their neighbors out back — chickens and dog alike — are quite pleased with the new additions. The chickens have  found that they are welcomed atop the sheep, and have set about hunting and pecking flecks of nutrition from the wool. A new equilibrium has found its way to the pasture.


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