A rush into spring

Two sets of twins get to know Dad

April 12th, 2009

It’s been a busy few weeks here on the farm. We’ve endured fluctuating temperatures that have tested the optimism of our early vegetable plantings. Violent spring rains have provided a soggy hint of storms yet to come in April and May. And Page delivered twins, one week after Pixie. Together they have doubled the size of our modest flock of Shetland sheep.

Page emulated Pixie’s wonderfully low-maintenance brand of birthing, wandering off quietly to a corner of the run-in shed before producing with no fuss her lambs, Goldthorn and Silversage. For more information — and a cute video — on this season’s crop, please visit out 2009 lambs page.

The lambs are full of energy and show absolutely no sign of respect for their sire, Firefly. That is all to the good, since Mr. Firefly has grown rather full of himself of late, as most rams do. 

We soon will celebrate our first year on the farm. We have gone from zero to sixty in that time, from a suburban-focused Northeastern couple with a few house pets, to a Texas homestead bursting with sheep and chickens. Life is too big and mysterious ever to predict what is just around the corner, but insofar as the last 12 months are concerned, we’ll happily stay with the cards we’ve been dealt this year.


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