Babar the Livestock Guardian Cat

Babar the watchcat: Fear his meow

April 11th, 2009

It was before dawn and all was quiet on Sun and Wind Farm. We were peacefully sleeping, secure in the knowledge that our Great Pyrenees guardian dog, Freckles, would bark her heart out at the first sign of an intruder.  So when our feral rescue cat Babar began to howl from another room, we figured he was just hungry for breakfast. Our eyelids fell shut again.


Minutes later another sound interrupted our sleep. It was the sound of water being lapped from the bucket we keep outside the door for Freckles. From deep within our unconscious minds, an idea slowly formed. Freckles’ water is being consumed. Freckles is far away in the pasture. Who, then, is drinking? AWAKE!

We bolted out of bed to open the blinds. Two coyotes – or were they wild dogs? –  raced away. Babar shot us an “I told you so!” look. Meanwhile, Freckles and the sheep slumbered peacefully in the back pasture. Somehow, we try to go back to sleep.

Next night. Same time. Babar howls again! This time we are on high alert. We burst out into the back yard. Again, the intruders are too fast. Freckles is still quiet and the sheep are fine. Babar, suddenly reevaluating his worth, makes a not so polite request for his favorite canned food. It’s not hard to tell what’s on his mind since he’s pawed open the pantry door. We are happy to respond.

It’s not often that a feral cat that resembles a certain big gray elephant warns his family about intruders. We’re glad we rescued him from a woodpile when he was a baby.

Now to figure out who the intruders are and what’s on their mind.


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