Coop de ville

Putting the coop together

October 12, 2008

It’s October here at Sun and Wind Farm and the weather could not be more perfect. Day after day of cloudless, 80-degree afternoons and cool peaceful nights. Attention is turning to new arrivals expected next week — five baby chicks! Conrad Hilton never prepared for guests the way we are getting ready for these babes.

There is the bin in which they will stay when they first arrive. There is the heating lamp to keep them warm. There are shavings at the ready. There is the official chick food dispenser. And the equally official water dispenser. And most of all, there is the coop, that will ultimately be their home. It arrived in two boxes and we had our doubts at first. It was billed as a mobile chicken coop, but there was nothing mobile about the two weighty packages that FedEx dropped off in the driveway.

But after a few hours of aligning Slot A to Tab B on Saturday, and a few more hours of staining the coop today (Barnyard Red), we’re cottoning to their new home.  There are the nest boxes and the roost. There is an enclosed area sheltered from the wind. There is a screened-in area well suited for enjoying some fresh air. And best of all, there are the wheels. We can easily move the coop around in the pasture, so as to spread the fertilizing joy that is chicken manure.

We’ll apply a second coat of stain later this week. When the chicks arrive, we’ll install them in a bin we’ve set up in the greenhouse just for them. When they’re large enough, they’ll get upgraded to the Coop deVille just awaiting their arrival.

Ready for its tenants


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